Membership Post

A lot of time and effort will be going into our subs so we have a few rules you must promise to follow before you join our community.

Please do not reupload, repost, or redistribute any of our files. It takes so much to release one episode of anything so please think of the hard work being put in and use the files only for personal use.
Please do not upload any of our files to streaming sites. If we find any of our files on any other site but our own community, we will private the community and discontinue our subbing works.
Please do not modify or remove our credit in the videos. It's only right for us to receive credit for what we have created and accomplished, so please don't take out the credits to the respective translators and timers/typesetters.

Please fill out the following and comment on this post. All comments will be screened. After posting the comment, please click join and wait for the moderators' approval. We're only accepting LJ accounts at the moment.
1. Name:
2. Country:
3. Please state the rules in your own words:
4. How or when did you get into LDH and which group is your favorite?:
5. Any other questions or comments?:

Intro Post

Hello, and welcome to ldhsubs, a community for subbed ldh content that is brought to you by the following users on twitter:

@stormychu (translator/html)
@sacchanxd (translator)
@sukinoeul (timer/typesetter)
@MiRyo0922 (timer/typesetter)
@exilesque (html/graphics)
@augtopus (encoder)

We will be working on projects that haven't been subbed yet, such as EXILE Casino and E.G. Style.
There aren't many subbing groups out there for LDH, so we decided to create this group to help people know and become familiar with EXILE and their great shows.
The community is moderated, so please check out our membership post on our simple instructions on how to join.
Please ask us if you have any questions and feedback is much appreciated!